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Support children and young people this Christmas

Today St Christopher’s launches its Christmas appeal aiming to raise £20,000 for our young people. This year’s focus is on the supportive homes we provide for young people, which help them to take on the challenges and opportunities of life.

At St Christopher’s, we support the children and young people in our care year round by providing supportive homes where they can feel safe. A secure and stable environment, where young people feel listened to and can receive support, helps them take on the challenges and opportunities that are important to them.

The support we provide, whether in our homes or with foster families, is particularly important around Christmas – a time of year when young people often most need a place where they feel cared for. We nurture each young person across all aspects of their lives and provide space for them flourish and grow – both in care and as they move towards living independently. Staff in our homes and across all our services are committed to ensuring young people have the very best level of support.

For young people in care, the holiday season can be difficult. Our staff and foster carers go the extra mile to create a Christmas to remember.  We rely on donations from generous members of the public, particularly around Christmas, to ensure young people feel cared for at this time, as well as having the support to take on challenges again in the coming year.

By donating to our Christmas appeal, you will help us to ensure every child and young person feels loved and valued this Christmas.

Christmas brings people together and we ensure that every young person makes positive memories and can feel a sense of belonging. Through the supportive homes we provide, our staff and foster carers make sure that that young people feel safe, cared for, and ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of life.

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